Iʼm a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Senior Web Developer, and Programmer living in Montreal (Canada). I have a 10+ year specialization in the PHP language ecosystem (LAMP stack) as a back-end programmer, but I have experience throughout the development life cycle. From full-stack software development, to team leadership, project management, sysadmin and dev-ops; I'm always learning new things along the way.

I'm currently managing software teams as an executive over at Momentum Travel Group (FlightHub.com & JustFly.com), a top 5 largest online travel agency in North America. My teams and I face the daily challenges of a high-traffic search engine and website in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

If youʼre interested in what else Iʼve been up to, have a look at my personal projects, side-projects, and professional involvements, or contact me directly.

— Patrick McFern