The following are projects where I made major contributions, during current or past employment. (Full stack developer +)

Custom-made B2B eCommerce SaaS platform
Hosts majority of all craft beer sales in Quebec
Complex company relationships management
Millions of $$ transacted monthly
Strict use of TypeScript for front-end & API
React.js, Material UI, NodeJS + Express, MongoDB

Building for business-to-business instead of the traditional B2C has been a welcomed challenge. Since PivoHub is more than a marketplace, but akin to an ERP, it means paying particular attention when the platform is used by its clients as a daily work tool. My role started as full-stack developer, but I quickly involved myself in product strategy, user experience optimisation, and design. Continually evolving a clean, consistent, efficient work tool to an audience of mostly non-technical users has been a point of pride for me.

Of the many areas I've touched over the years, I've built from scratch the following modules: Accounts Payable, Accounts Recievable, Online Payments (with Stripe payment gateway integration), Retailer Product Explorer. Of the existing modules, I've particularly enjoyed continually revisiting the feature set on the retailer's marketplace. Responding to an evolution in the products offered, the depth and variety of new product categories, and an increased demand for simpler tools to help find the perfect products; has been a journey in incremental improvement.

As the company looks to expand both in types of clients and provinces (+ countries) served, I've been participating in the stategic and architectual enhancements needed for the platform to outlive and serve-with-ease its ever-increasing velocity. (Director, Team lead, and Back-end developer)

Flight e-commerce & API
Featured on Kayak, Skyscanner, etc
API Stats
200+ dedicated server cluster
2TBs of cache serving 1B+ req/day
10M+ API requests per day
250M API calls to external partners

Having spent 5 years working at FlightHub, I was most proud to have been an essential piece of scaling its business and infrastructure from peaks of 1,200 sales on some days, to breaking over 10,000 daily sales regularly. This leaned on a 20x scaling of the production infrastructure, which was my direct responsibility for a number of years. One day, I had sat and ran the numbers to realize we had crossed 1 billion reqs/day on the cache cluster (non-cloud deployment). That's when I realized we had gotten to a new level, and that we had achieved something significant.

Deploying over 200 heavy-hitting servers, which had over 1,200 Xeon CPU cores, was an arsenal ready for action. These kept the millions of API requests humming along, but you always need more performance to keep scaling up. Getting the PHP v5.3 codebase of more than 1M lines of code to eventually land on PHP v7.2+ was both difficult and necessary. Redis and Memcache servers were tuned regularly to take endless abuse, protecting the MySQL cluster where millions of rows were written hourly. There was always a new challenge up ahead which I was happy to tackle.

Being able to contribute to the business's success at the software architecture and hosting infrastructure level at the same time was a fond experience for me. (Team lead, Product co-owner, and Back-end developer)

US-focused, flights e-commerce
1M+ customers annually
100k+ visitors weekly

When I first inherited the product, the design was fairly dated and the code was a complicated, buggy mess. The journey this site would undergo would last over 2 years leading to where it stands today.

I helped build up a new team, starting by hiring the company's first front-end developer, then a web designer, and a couple more back-end developers. We combed through the codebase and design in more iterations than we could count. The goal was simple, the site had to remain online, we couldn't break any functionality, but everything else could go.

After the complete rebranding effort (including logo, typeface, all colors, page layouts, etc), it was time to develop in new features. I led the team to ship countless features. Of the more notable features, the "Airline + Flight Stops" filter matrix paired with the "Flight Segment Pinning" feature had a huge impact on the usability of the site. Customers could now make faster decisions among the 500+ flights available on every route.

At the checkout page, the team and I made clean, easy-to-use add-ons to allow customers to choose their seats (a real challenge for mobile devices!), add optional travel insurance, baggage protection, and so on. Each feature stood on the shoulders of a full API integration with external partners, plus fulfillment monitoring, and sales stats funneling into the core BI platform. (Lead back-end developer)

Biggest Montreal-region event promoter
Extensive "on-sale" traffic spikes
Thousands of shows annually
550+ venues

Evenko, the largest event promoter in Montreal, was ready to evolve their website to address the needs of their growing audience. Their site needed a refreshed design, localized event promotion, and a long overdue mobile experience. This major new phase of work also carried a large technical debt accrual which needed to be addressed if the site was to succeed.

As back-end developer, I tirelessly reduced code complexity and performance issues over a number of months, while delivering the new features. Careful, phase-driven work made each iteration significantly better than the one before it. By the end, both the site and code were unrecognizable. I deleted more code than I added, and the site worked better than ever. Truly one of my proudest back-end achievements at the time.

Fantasia Film Festival (Lead back-end developer)

I rewrote and re-structured a 10 year old code base to provide a fully-customized management system, enabling the customer to manage their content more effectively than before. Despite a number of new features and a large refactoring effort, the site still performed better than its former iteration and was delivered on time.

Paper Jamz Pro (Lead back-end & Javascript developer)

Built from scratch on CakePHP, the challenge of this project was its extensive internationalization (6 languages!). The site featured a full CMS, private JSON API in a multi-server environment. The site was fully functional and ready for significant traffic from launch. Years later, the site has unfortunately been shut down by its owner.

eGuiders (Lead back-end developer)

My first major project as lead back-end developer, I architected and programmed this video curation portal from scratch. The site features integrations with Amazon S3 and CloudFront for media distribution. Years later, the site looks and functions as good as the day it launched. I'm still very proud of this project.

Culture Days (Lead back-end developer)

Having completed 3 yearly iterations of the site, Culture Days is a continually evolving web portal catering to the arts and culture community. I built the first iteration of the website, and continued to add features year-after-year for its heavily-engaged users. The site featured a multi-site CMS, allowing mini-sites to exist within its eco-system. The public-facing portal allowed members of the public to contribute their events for the annual festival. In no particular order, the site had features such as: geo-location enabled search, multi-step interactive forms, image uploading and cropping tools, drag-and-drop content editor, social sign-in capabilities, reporting tools, and more.

Iʼve worked on many others sites not listed here. Give me a shout if youʼre curious.